Company portrait

Debecom BV was founded in 1998 by Pierre de Bresser († 2010) and his son Jeroen de Bresser. Years of experience in the plastic world and great knowledge of BUSS-kneaders precautions Debecom a high degree of expertise and technical knowledge of compounding.

In 2014 the Debecom plant has been destroyed by the outbreak of an enormous fire. From that moment Debecom BV is offering her expertise, technical knowledge and her contacts for toll compounding capacity as independent consultant.

Debecom’s expertise is based on the processing of high quality compounds with very flexibly equipped Co-Kneaders. The excellent mixing properties of the Co-Kneader make the technology very suitable for temperature and shear sensitive products.
Thanks to their unique operating principle, Co-Kneader systems offer the following decisive compounding advantages:

– Uniform shearing effect without temperature peaks
– Significantly lower product temperature levels
– Precise temperature control
– Axial mixing
– Short residence times
– Maximal filler loading
– Efficient injection of liquid components
– Excellent self-cleaning

Besides expertise and technical knowledge, Debecom’s strengths are reliability, flexibility and quality.

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